Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

There are a few questions we get asked relatively frequently, so here are the answers.  If you have any other questions, our assistants would love to help. Give them a call today and they will get you set up with the lawyer best suited to assist you.

Do you offer free appointments?

We don't.  The reason is that we want to offer you something valuable right from the first appointment. At Mountain Vista Law, client service is key, so we are always looking to ensure we are planning for the most appropriate resolution for your case. We will either be taking essential information from you to enable us to act in your best interests right away, or we'll be sending you home with a clear plan so that you can proceed with your next steps on your own.  We have also found that offering free appointments leads to an increase in "lawyer shopping" which results in conflicts of interest, and therefore the inability for us to assist prospective clients.  This can be particularity problematic in a small town environment.

We are however pleased to offer you a 50% discount on your lawyer's hourly rate for the first hour of your initial consultation.


How long are your appointments?

As long as it takes. Truly. We are here for you and we know that each individual has unique needs. If we had to estimate, initial appointments generally last around one hour.  They may be much shorter if your matter is simple, or longer if your case is complex or you have additional questions.

At Mountain Vista Law we are happy to accommodate you. Your appointment is about you. We will take as long as you need.


What is your firm's philosophy?

At Mountain Vista Law we want to bring you the level of experience and knowledge you might expect from a big city firm, and deliver it with a local community compassion that we think you will appreciate during stressful times in your life.